CommanderGabble: A Universal Attack Against ASR Systems Leveraging Fast Speech


In this project, we discover that fast speech can be utilized to camouflage adversarial voice commands against Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems. We refer a novel technique refer to as CommanderGabble.

Adversarial Audio Examples

We provide example advarsary audios with the corresponding attack results or commands.

We test commands with three differnet lengths:

Over-the-wire attack example

Audio 1 (short):
Audio 2 (short):
Audio 3 (medium):
Audio 4 (medium):
Audio 5 (long):
Audio 6 (long):

Over-the-air attack example

Household environment

Audio 7 (short):
Audio 8 (medium):
Audio 9 (long):

Teleconference environment

Audio 10 (short):
Audio 11 (medium):
Audio 12 (long):

Vehicle environment

Audio 13 (short):
Audio 14 (medium):
Audio 15 (long):

Inventory List

Below are the artifiacts that generate the main results in our paper.

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Attack Demonstration

We demonstrate a live demo for our technique used in executing adversarial command:

ASR Systems We Test

Over-the-wire attack

Over-the-air attack


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